Potterton Boilers in South Oxhey

Potterton Boiler Installers in South OxheyPotterton boilers are one of the leading innovators in the domestic heating market in South Oxhey. They are very efficient when it comes to heating boasting intergral clock and choice of flue systems. If you choose a Potterton boiler you can be safe in the knowledge that your home will be heated by a trusted brand that are built around a reputation for producing quality products at affordable prices.

What type of Potterton Boiler are you after?

Potterton Combi Boilers installed South Oxhey Potterton System Boilers installed South Oxhey Solar Heating boilers installed South Oxhey

Combi Boilers

System Boilers

Solar Powered Boilers

This popular type of boiler heats hot water as you need it. There is no need to install a hot water cylinder or cold water tank, as the boiler is connected directly to the water mains – perfect for homes with limited space and a smaller hot water requirement. This type of boiler works together with a hot water cylinder, but usually doesn’t require a cold water tank, as the system can be filled directly from the water mains. This type of system benefits from having an electric immersion heater within the cylinder which means you can still have hot water even if your boiler breaks down. This type of system is the latest cutting edge technology to bring you renewable energy and hot water. It is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. 

Installing your Potterton boiler in South Oxhey

If you’re looking to install a Potterton gas boiler why not talk to us before you make a decision – call South Oxhey 01923 439689 and we’ll take you through the costs, benefits and savings.

Potterton boilers benefit from an A-rating for efficiency, are simple to use and compact in size. Their boilers not only meet, but exceed the latest European standards for energy efficiency, safety and emissions.