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Boiler Emergency Repairs for Rickmansworth and Surrounding Area

There is nothing more annoying than a faulty boiler and we realise that customers in Rickmansworth can find it very stressful, especially if you have a family or elderly relatives at home. As one of the leading boiler repair and servicing companies in Rickmansworth we offer;


Which boilers do we repair?

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Boiler Service For Rickmansworth

To keep your boiler working safely and efficiently at all times and to reduce the risk of breakdowns, gas boiler manufacturers recommend your boiler is serviced every year.

Servicing your boiler can be conducted at any point during the year and of course we try where ever possible to encourage our customers to have this valuable service done during the summer months. It's a good idea to have your annual boiler service in the summer months to make sure your boiler is in peak condition for when you need it.

We will happily service your boiler during the winter, autumn and spring however we’re sure you’ll understand our emergency customers must take priority.

Gas boiler service and safety checks from Scott Maintenance Services.

The cost of our gas boiler service also includes the call-out and labour.

The benefits of boiler service

We feel it is so important to have your boiler serviced once a year to make sure it's in good working order, as well to make sure it's operating safely, therefore extending the life of your boiler and central heating system.